When you arrive at the farm there is often a smell of roasting coffee in the air, emanating from a little roastery owned and run by coffee enthusiast Warren Machanik.
The existing coffee shop, Coffee Bloc has been a popular meeting place for some time, but we felt there needed to be a space where Warren’s many coffees could be tasted and stories of this age old beverage be told.
The old wine tasting area was the space chosen, a room that has a Japanese conservatory sort of feel, opening out onto a landscaped courtyard with Koi pond in the centre. Naturally we used this to our advantage, orientating the new layout towards the courtyard. Intimate seating areas were designed and hand crafted from timber and leather with a corset detail on the backrests. The tasting bar is made from a mix of solid Blackwood and handmade tiles, with an oak wall behind. This is where rows of little caffeine filled shots get lines up for sampling.