This home remodeling project started as a bathroom renovation that the client was so happy with that we where appointed to renovate the entire house including furniture and a facelift to the tired exterior.

The best thing about this house are the uninterrupted views over Llandudno Bay from every room. I wanted to create clean uncluttered spaces that surrendered to this. I’ve always been inspired by Danish design and one can see a bit of that in this project.

We paid special attention to the use of materials, how they where finished and to good detailing. I am a firm believer in beautiful detail and this can be seen throughout the house particularly in the furniture and joinery. I used a charcoal oil on the new extra height doors. These combined well with light matt walls and ceilings.

Lighting is another thing that I am passionate about and I sourced some fittings from Denmark. There was not enough height on the bedroom levelsĀ  so I also designed wooden boxed down lighting for the bedrooms.

Once the interior was done, the client was so elated with the results that we where commissioned to design a “make over” of the exterior of the property. I redesigned the entrance with custom made timber pivot gates, frameless glass, Vermont cladding and an off-shutter concrete tile.