The brief called for a space that paid homage to Spier Wine Estate’s heritage and traditional values. The owners are committed to sustainability and lowering the estate’s carbon footprint. Keeping this in mind an old deli building was converted; the concept being that of two barns joined by a glass transition area producing a look of timeless elegance.
Inside the Wine Retail Center is a welcome area, tasting room, lounge and wine retail space. The retail space was a key area for me. Much thought went into its relationship with the brand, its use of reclaimed materials to build it and its ability to present the product yet still look as if it had come together almost by chance.
Nearly all of the timber used in the project was reclaimed and the lighting designed using latest low energy ideas to illuminate the building efficiently, without sacrificing on the quality of light.
Spier Wine Estate: Wine Retail Center Interior Design Project in conjunction with Alison Channing, Barbara McGregor and Allan Lutge