Sticky Fudge is a very special kids clothing store that specializes in vintage inspired, timeless clothing. The brief was to create a concept store that speaks to the brand values and had the ability to take a person back in time.

The shop front was inspired by old steel factory windows that I paneled using a combination of antique reeded and frosted glass, complemented by the letterbox signage at the top.

Inside, clothing is merchandised in freestanding cabinets with tongue and groove paneling, reclaimed wood and brass detailing.

Kids clothing tends to be small and that meant designing the in-store displays to suit. We utilized a mix of flat surfaces, styled mannequins, hooks for jackets, hats, scarves and other items as well as little drawers with glass windows.

The design of the clothing gives one a sense of nostalgia with its intricate detailing and old world craftsmanship. We collaborated with illustrator Esti le Roux to design custom tiles with playful characters for behind the point of sale – a feature that really brings the vintage asthetic together.