Green walls in interior design

Greenery in unexpected places is always so refreshing, seeing a garden growing up a wall in an urban setting is even cooler! I hope to apply the idea of green walls in a shop interior, and maybe even to a furniture design soon. Take a peak at this article I found by National Geographic.

A simple money holder

A while ago Nic watched a TED talk that spoke of getting rid of the excess in your life, all the things you don’t really need, but insist on carrying with you. There is a feeling of simplicity that he enjoys about leaving home without a wallet – just a few notes and maybe one card. Besides the assortment of plastic cards…

Bookmark Light

Lighting can be a wonderful thing to play with when designing the interior of your home. Nic pays a huge amount of attention to the lighting design of any project he’s involved in. He’s recently had fun designing a simple, playful light that doubles as a bookmark light and actually looks like a small house. Nic recycled a…

Crafting Furniture

Nic recently created a woodwork space which will allow him to assemble prototypes and build once-off furniture pieces. Crafting furniture has been in his family for generations, and today he placed some of his grandfather, and great grandfather’s woodwork tools on his studio wall. Have a look at the photos.